California Could Become Next State to Pass ‘Right to Die’ Bill

The California State Assembly approved legislation which would allow terminally ill patients to be prescribed medication to end their lives. This was the second attempt to pass the bill, following the 2014 case of Brittany Maynard. Last November, Maynard, who was diagnosed with brain cancer, decided to move from… »9/09/15 9:45pm9/09/15 9:45pm


France Moves to Ban Ultra-Thin Models and Pro-Anorexia Websites 

The French Parliament passed a measure Friday banning the use of excessively thin models on the runway. Part of a larger Health Bill, the measure won a majority vote in the National Assembly lower house of Parliament and will move on to the Senate next week. Other countries, including Spain and Israel, have passed… »4/03/15 4:30pm4/03/15 4:30pm

Yes: California Gets Landmark Transgender Student Rights Law

A most excellent bill was signed into law by California's governor Jerry Brown today — one that requires California public schools to respect students’ gender identity and makes sure they can fully participate in all school activities, sports teams, programs, and facilities that match their gender identity. »8/12/13 10:30pm8/12/13 10:30pm

Hell Yeah: Texas Woman Lays Into Legislators at Abortion Bill Hearing

As testimony for and against the Texas abortion bill continues, we have a new contender for most badass speech yet. Meet Texas resident Sarah Slamen, the soon-t0-be New Yorker brilliantly calls out her state's legislators, thanking them for finally doing their bullshit dirty work in the public eye for everyone to… »7/09/13 10:10pm7/09/13 10:10pm

Congress May Soon Let Us Bring Dogs on Special Squee Trains

Good news, lovers of furry domestic mammals! The House of Representatives introduced legislation on Tuesday that would require Amtrak (the government-subsidized rail system that brings so much joy to so many commuters along the Northeastern corridor) to let passengers bring their dogs or cats on specially-designated… »5/23/13 9:30am5/23/13 9:30am

Florida Considers Ridiculous Ban on Race- and Sex-Selective Abortion

A group of almost comically deluded and ineffectual legislators in Florida are bringing up sex- and race-selective abortions in the state. They make the same ol' specious arguments about abortion providers of intentionally targeting black people with such conviction, you have to stop for a minute to fact check their… »4/23/13 11:40am4/23/13 11:40am

Read Gabby Giffords' Fierce, Powerful Piece on Today's GOP Filibuster

In a New York Times' Op-Ed entitled "A Senate in the Gun Lobby’s Grip", Gabby Giffords' joins Obama in unleashing hell on the Republicans (and four Democrats) who filibustered the bipartisan gun background-check proposal earlier today: "Senators say they fear the N.R.A. and the gun lobby. But I think that fear must… »4/17/13 11:30pm4/17/13 11:30pm

A New Bill in Florida Would Make Non-Consensual ‘Revenge Porn’ a Felony

A new bill in Florida would make it a felony to publish online nude photos or videos of a person without his or her permission and with his or her identifying information. That's a step in the right direction towards slowing the proliferation of the exceedingly icky "revenge porn" Internet sewage spill that has made… »4/07/13 3:00pm4/07/13 3:00pm

Paul Ryan Once Again Sponsors the Bill That Would Make It Possible for Women's Rapists to Sue Them

Well, if Paul Ryan does run in 2016, we know he'll be going full speed with the crazy, making it impossible for him to win, and Hillary will be president, and then everyone will win. Well, except for the American politics, which has been stripped of the effective multiple-party system it needs to evolve and thrive. »1/11/13 12:25pm1/11/13 12:25pm

GOP Offers Women an Olive Branch By Appointing Men to Chair Every Important House Committee

The Republican Party might as well rename itself The Sausage Party. After a series of very important meetings, House of Representatives' majority party has chosen the legislators who will occupy the all-important roles of committee chairs during the next session. And, to the surprise of no one, every person they… »11/28/12 11:50am11/28/12 11:50am

Ohio Lawmaker Proposes Legislation Aimed to Regulate Old Dicks

Ohio State Senator Nina Turner (Cleveland-D) has added her own piece of legislation to the growing body of dick-regulation measures proposed by lady lawmakers at their wit's end with conservative attempts to restrict women's access to comprehensive healthcare. Turner's bill — Senate Bill 307 — would require any man… »3/12/12 11:55pm3/12/12 11:55pm