Get Your Ski Masks Ready: The Pussy Riot Trademark Is Now Up for Grabs

Pussy Riot, apparently not feeling quite enough legal heat these days, have found themselves in a trademark battle for the group's name against their own defense attorneys. Yekaterina Samutsevich, the one of the three jailed Pussy Riot members to be released on probation, is accusing the group's lawyer Mark Feigin of… »11/05/12 10:25am11/05/12 10:25am

Jay Z and Beyonce Fail to Trademark 'Blue Ivy' So Don't Expect Your Official Bey Z Onesie Anytime Soon

Did you hear that? It sounded like a bumper of a Benz smashing against the bumper of a Bentley. Or maybe it sounded more like a handful of gold coins being angrily thrown at courtside Brooklyn Nets seats. While the noise may be hard to classify, it's easy to determine its source — that, my friends, is the sound of two… »10/22/12 11:20am10/22/12 11:20am