Tireless Woman to Sue Every Goddamn Homo In This Great Nation

66-year-old Sylvia Driskell of Auburn, Nebraska, is no longer content to stand idly by as homosexuals, emissaries of the devil, continue to wipe their lube-stained butts across America’s flag. That’s why she’s declared herself an ambassador of god and Jesus Christ (his son) and is asking the courts “is homosexuality a… »5/06/15 12:30pm5/06/15 12:30pm

SCOTUS Rules Beliefs of Your Boss Trump Your Access to Contraceptives

In a yet another ruling that indicates that we'd enjoy better legal protection if we just incorporated our reproductive organs and sent them to murder civilians in Iraq, the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations that are "closely held" cannot be required to provide contraceptive coverage. Which means that under… »6/30/14 10:20am6/30/14 10:20am

The First Gay Couples Who Got Married in Minnesota Will Make You Smile

Even if you've got the cold, bitter heart of someone ruined by years of endless OKCupid dates, photos of gay people getting married always make quick work at melting those icy walls away. Case in point: looking at the many couples that stayed up overnight to be the first to get married in Minnesota, where gay… »8/01/13 10:25am8/01/13 10:25am

Do Your Google Search Results Imply You Were Asking For It?

23-year-old Jennifer Bennett was beaten, choked, and raped for 5 hours by her date, anesthesiologist Dr. Thomas Bray. Her rapist was eventually sentenced to 25 years in prison, but not before Bray's legal team attempted to look through Bennett's Facebook account, email, and Google search queries — the… »10/02/12 6:30pm10/02/12 6:30pm

A Romantic Way to Make Your Valentine's Day More Official

The romantic terms of Valentine's Day can be so vague. There are all those "Will you be mine?" questions and those loose, non-binding promises to "Be true." But those are typically printed on candy and not legally actionable. Good news: That's all about to change thanks to this handy website, where you and your… »2/13/12 10:30pm2/13/12 10:30pm

The Complete Guide To Stupid Sexual Harassment Defense Arguments

Recently Lisa Beauchamp sued her employer, the Teamsters Local 150 in Sacramento, for sexual harassment after a union official said not-sexy sex things to her, touched her inappropriately, and traded massages with a group of "office party girls" during workplace functions. A jury found for Beauchamp, but dang—she lost… »6/17/11 1:50pm6/17/11 1:50pm

Former ‘Perverted Justice’ Volunteer Sent To Prison For Creating Computer Virus

Bruce Raisley, the 48-year-old former volunteer with 'Perverted Justice' (better known as the organization that works with the NBC show To Catch a Predator via hidden camera investigations) who was convicted six months ago of "launching a malicious computer program designed to attack computers and Internet sites", has… »4/16/11 3:15pm4/16/11 3:15pm

Single-Parent Families Give Rise To Successful Spawn • New Bill In Kenya Sparks Abortion Debate

New research pokes holes »8/28/08 5:30pm8/28/08 5:30pm in the old theory that the children of single-parents are more likely to be unsuccessful (Obama and Michael Phelps seemed to turn out just fine!). • The Planning Commission of Clayton, California has that 11-year-old girl's produce stand that , although the town's mayor (who previously called…

Del Martin, Lesbian Activist, Dies • A Working Mom's Day Never Ends

Del Martin, a lesbian activist and a founder of the nation's first outspoken lesbian advocacy group — the Daughters of Bilitis — passed away this morning »8/27/08 5:30pm8/27/08 5:30pm at the age of 85. Martin was also one of the first same-sex couples to get married in California. More on Ms. Martin tomorrow. • There's a in Australia in which…