Good God Almighty, Left Behind Was Boring as Hell

Wow. I didn't think it was possible, but somebody made a boring movie about the End Times. Not only that, but a boring adaptation of Left Behind, possibly the single nuttiest pop-cultural phenomenon ever coughed up by the American religious tradition. This movie landed Nicholas Cage, wild-eyed wacko genius, and he… »10/07/14 1:00pm10/07/14 1:00pm


No, You Can't Just Pull Your Kids Out of School to Wait for the Rapture

A Texas court ruled last week that a pair of Christian homeschooling parents who stopped teaching their nine kids because they believed the Rapture was imminent (and everyone knows that the best thing about heaven is NOBODY QUIZZES YOU ABOUT THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS) are not, in fact, allowed to just do that. »8/11/14 4:15pm8/11/14 4:15pm