School Gets in Trouble for Teaching Kids How to Put on Make-Up

One school is giving a whole new meaning to the term "make-up class." Mount St Mary's Catholic High School in Leeds, England, is facing some harsh criticism for offering makeup lessons to its 14 and 15-year-old students. The school claims the purpose of the class is to "teach children how to make a good first… » 1/19/12 2:45pm 1/19/12 2:45pm

"I Kissed A Girl" Is Beloved By Babies • Over-30 Broads Barred From Bar

According to a recent poll, Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" is the third most popular song among UK moms who sing to their children. • Ill-fitting bras can not only lead to backaches, but headaches and indigestion. • The University College London has created an online test designed to test how much an individual is at… » 12/02/08 5:20pm 12/02/08 5:20pm