Douche-y Newspaper Exec Resigns After Suspension

Tribune executive Lee Abrams, first investigated for douchitude and then suspended for dickwaditry, has resigned. He won't be spending more time with his family, because they think he's ass-cheeztastic, too. [Wall Street Journal, image via Mike Schmid on Flickr] » 10/16/10 12:00pm 10/16/10 12:00pm

Hoda Kotb Loves A Good Fart Joke

This morning, during the fourth hour of the Today » 9/26/08 11:00am 9/26/08 11:00am show, or as we like to call it: "," the gals were going over their favorite headlines of the day, and Hoda lost her shit when she reported on the story of the man in West Virginia who was arrested and charged with battery after he farted and waved the stink at a cop. The …