Lebanese Erotica Advocate Stirs The Pot

With the advent of her magazine Jasad (Bodies), Joumana Haddad became a lightning-rod for criticism — and not just from the religious conservatives she challenges. Some see Haddad as a would-be provocateur playing to western media. To others, she's a hero. » 3/28/11 2:37pm 3/28/11 2:37pm

Miss USA Isn't The Only Muslim Woman In A Bikini

Amid the insanity surrounding new Miss USA Rima Fakih and the controversy over France's possible burka ban comes some sane context. Mostly from women who know what they're talking about. » 5/20/10 6:20pm 5/20/10 6:20pm

Miss USA Likes Pizza, Believes In Insurance-Subsidized Birth Control

Rima Fakih, the first Arab-American Miss USA, won last night after saying birth control should be covered by insurance. Asked how she felt about winning, she said, "Ask me after I've had a pizza." » 5/17/10 10:00am 5/17/10 10:00am

The Real War Is Over The Size Of Your Hummus Bowl

Israeli Arabs and Jews have teamed up to help Israel double Lebanon's recent world record in hummus volume, with four metric tons. Can't we solve this conflict with some cross-border splitting of a giant pita and some skhug? [NPR] » 1/08/10 6:50pm 1/08/10 6:50pm

United/Nations: Ghida Anani On Addressing Violence Against Women

Last week, sitting alongside United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and the Princess of Thailand, twenty-eight year-old Lebanese activist Ghida Anani delivered a fiery, unblinking address on fighting violence against women. Here's what we talked about afterward. » 12/02/09 4:30pm 12/02/09 4:30pm

In Lebanon, Learning To Be Pretty Begins Early

In Lebanon, a rising trend is for beauty parlors to cater to five year old clients. Providing services like chocolate facials and hair stenciling, is this just a way for kids to express themselves or indoctrination into beauty culture? » 10/01/09 1:00pm 10/01/09 1:00pm

Can "The ABC Of Plucking Pussy Hair" Really Change Anything?

Lebanon's deliberately controversial Jasad ("Body") magazine got off to a predictably controversial start. So how's the self-described breaker of "the obscurantist taboos" actually working out? » 5/13/09 1:00pm 5/13/09 1:00pm

Obama Fixing America, Not Kissing Enough Private School Ass