After the Debate, Enjoy a Puppy Getting Trapped in a Leash-Chasing Conundrum

Real talk: cattle dogs are a lot of fun. They're super task-oriented, which means that they can, say, chase a leash around a crate theoretically forever. That's because in a non-agrarian society, leashes are cattle. The Road Warrior had a cattle dog, too. Do you know why? Because cattle dogs do stuff. They pull… »10/11/12 11:25pm10/11/12 11:25pm


Genius Cat Offers Lesson in How to Control Humans By Walking Them on Leashes

As if cats did not already have plenty of ways to manipulate our minds, they have now—as this master practitioner demonstrates—obtained the technology to begin walking us on leashes. It's only a matter of time before we have an army of cat police roaming the streets and controlling our every move. »6/25/12 9:15pm6/25/12 9:15pm