Cat Marnell Is Selling Leggings

Infamous writer (and recent Pot Psychology guest) Cat Marnell has teamed up with Married to the M.O.B.'s Leah McSweeney to model graphic leggings for the company's look book. According to the press release, Marnell says, "I write about controversial shit, but at the end of the day, creativity is the fucking drug,… » 9/17/12 5:30pm 9/17/12 5:30pm

Patti Stanger Simply Can't Handle Having An Awesome Female Client

On last night's episode, millionairess Leah McSweeney, founder of the streetwear company Married to the MOB, sought Patti Stanger's service, only to be told that the "good guys" aren't asking her out because—despite her feminine appearance—she's too "masculine." » 12/01/10 7:15pm 12/01/10 7:15pm