Are Horses Indolent Layabouts? Researchers Think Maybe

Humans have expected horses to trundle us and all our crap around ever since our sore-footed ancestors came upon the first majestic equus gazing alone in a vale and thought, “Huh, that thing could totally carry some of us around for a little while, just until our corns go away.” Before horses knew what was happening,… »4/28/13 2:00pm4/28/13 2:00pm

Researchers May Have Discovered the 'Lazy' Gene, But Just What Does 'Lazy' Mean Anyway?

I've been thinking a lot about laziness lately. It's all in a self-serving way, sure—why do I fall into such pits of paralysis at the most inconvenient times? Why do I put off literally everything to the last minute, including things I genuinely enjoy doing? Why did I let my mother come over and do my dishes for me… »4/10/13 6:20pm4/10/13 6:20pm

Study Finds College Men Are Lazy And Shiftless Compared To College Women

Chances are that if you're a woman and you're in college and you work really hard to boost your GPA, turn up regularly at all of your extra-curricular activities, and generally try to make as good on your crazy expensive investment as you can, there's a college man out there playing the latest iteration of Madden… »10/04/11 6:15pm10/04/11 6:15pm