​Argentinian Model Sues Google Over Porn Site Search Results

Argentinian model and TV personality Belén Rodríguez is embroiled in a battle against Google and Yahoo over search results that link her name to pornographic sites that have used older photos of her without permission. She was already rewarded a sum of $15,000 (which was reduced to $6,200) after she filed legal… » 5/27/14 6:00pm 5/27/14 6:00pm

​Judge Issues Final Dismissals of Lululemon Lawsuits

The long, convoluted, and just plain awful battle between sheer leggings purveyor Lululemon and its shareholders has finally come to an unfulfilling end because apparently there's no real legal statue regarding being an asshole. Chicago Tribune reports that in the past week or so, US District Judge Katherine Forrest… » 4/20/14 12:30pm 4/20/14 12:30pm

Construction Worker Sues Over Miley Cyrus Tongue Injury

The tongue of Miley Cyrus — more famous than the girl it's attached to these days — has slithered its way into yet another controversy, this time becoming the subject of a fancy new lawsuit...sort of. Construction worker Charles Nicholas Sarris is now suing ShowFx Inc., the equipment company that made several of the… » 3/13/14 12:50pm 3/13/14 12:50pm