Read This Law Student's Completely Bonkers Email About Snacks

72 members of an Administrative Law class at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto received an email this morning from an anonymous student who will no longer stand for his/her peers' "peculiar eating disorders," including but not limited to hasty chomping, tuna, and unhealthy chips. "If I weren’t being polite, I would… » 9/18/13 7:00pm 9/18/13 7:00pm

'Puppy Day' Is Best Law School Stress Relief Idea of All Time

During finals week, students often need an outlet that isn't crying onto a pile of notes until they drown to death in their own tears. Luckily, George Mason University's Law School has instituted a policy that benefits both students and lonely homeless pups— Puppy Day. It's exactly what it sounds like. » 12/05/11 7:25pm 12/05/11 7:25pm

Law Student Feels Oppressed By Pictures Of Black Men

Yesterday, an anonymous law student sent an email to the Indiana University at Indianapolis law school community complaining that there were too many black men represented in the school's public materials. This, according to the email first published by Above The Law, forms a "situation of concern to me which affects… » 4/19/11 1:26pm 4/19/11 1:26pm