Law and Order: SVU Cartoonifies the Rolling Stone UVA Rape Debacle

Law and Order: SVU aired their take on the UVA rape case last night, in which a seemingly credible young woman says she was gang-raped by a hockey team at New York's fictional Hudson University. In the end—spoiler alert—her story (sort of) falls apart. In between, we got a mixture of smart observations about how… »4/02/15 10:50am4/02/15 10:50am


Gamergate and Its Victims Hated the Law & Order Gamergate Episode

The Year of Our Lord 2015 is a strange place: last night, Law and Order: SVU aired their hotly anticipated Gamergate episode, in which a Brianna Wu/Zoe Quinn mashup is terrorized by faceless gamers and the police actually do something about it. Surprise: everybody — Wu, Quinn, the people who've been viciously trolling… »2/12/15 10:50am2/12/15 10:50am

On Sunday October 19, Vice President Joe Biden and Mariska Hargitay are hosting a Law and Order: SVU

On Sunday October 19, Vice President Joe Biden and Mariska Hargitay are hosting a Law and Order: SVU marathon on USA. The two will be appearing in PSAs that discuss domestic violence and sexual assault, pegged to both Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the White House's recent 1 is 2 Many campaign. »10/08/14 3:00pm10/08/14 3:00pm

Today In Duh, Strong Female TV Characters Are Good For Everyone

Psychologist Christopher Ferguson has done the empirical research, put in the legwork and figured out that Buffy is awesome, which I absolutely could have told you. More specifically, his piece in the Journal of Communication chronicles the results of 150 Texas A&M students' screenings of three disparate types of… »9/01/12 2:45pm9/01/12 2:45pm

Mariska Hargitay Calls Herself "Full-Figured"; Have Body Descriptors Lost All Meaning?

The ladymag blogger over at Glossed Over »10/13/08 12:30pm10/13/08 12:30pm says that 's November covergirl Mariska Hargitay's description of her own figure and "jaw-dropping." The star says "I'm a full-figured woman," and blogger writes, "I can’t decide what’s sadder: the idea that the healthy-looking Hargitay is a Hollywood version of…