The Trayvon Martin/Paula Deen Episode of SVU Was Absolutely Ridiculous

Trayvon Martin, Paula Deen, Stop and Frisk and Assistant DA Raul Esparza? Dick Wolf was not kidding with this whole Law & Order/ripped from the headlines thing. Of course, if he wanted to be more accurate, the slogan would go "ripped from one headline, ripped from another headline, ripped from a third headline and… » 10/03/13 3:20pm 10/03/13 3:20pm

Detective Benson Got the Shit Kicked Out of Her on Last Night's SVU

Season 14 of Law & Order: SVU ended with Detective Benson walking into her apartment to find William Lewis (played by Orange Is the New Black's Pablo Schreiber), a violent rapist who has repeatedly dodged conviction, armed and waiting for her. On that cliffhanger, SVU went on summer hiatus, leaving viewers to worry… » 9/26/13 12:30pm 9/26/13 12:30pm

Law & Order: SVU Rips Story From Dozens of Campus Rape Headlines

Last night Law & Order: Special Victims Unit aired "Girl Dishonored," essentially a greatest hits compilation of recent highly-publicized college rape cases complete with zeitgeisty references to Snapchat and "Gangnam Style." The episode's standard disclaimer — "The following story is fictional and does not depict… » 4/25/13 3:06pm 4/25/13 3:06pm

Feed Your Outrage with These Law & Order: SVU Previews Featuring…

A lot of people have asked themselves why Law & Order: SVU — a show primarily about victims' advocacy — would cast known convicted rapist Mike Tyson on their program, but, now, thanks to these previews for tomorrow's episode, we finally have an answer. It's because he's such a good actor. Okay, Dick Wolf. CHUNG CHUNG » 2/05/13 12:40pm 2/05/13 12:40pm

Why in God's Name Is Mike Tyson, Convicted Rapist, Guest Starring on …

I've spent a lot of time analyzing my long-term, stable(r), monogamous attachment to Law & Order: SVU (how do we keep the spark alive!?), and one of the main conclusions I've come to is that—for all its gratuitous trauma-porn issues — it's a show largely about women that actually acknowledges how scary and vulnerable… » 1/25/13 4:40pm 1/25/13 4:40pm

Strauss-Kahn Gets Law & Order Treatment, Possible Lawsuit

Today in DSK: a face-to-face meeting between the ex-IMF chief and his French accuser could be in the offing, and she says she's ready to sue. Also, Law & Order: SVU offered its version of the case last night. » 9/23/11 12:20pm 9/23/11 12:20pm

Chelsea Handler On Her Abortion: "These Are Things People Shouldn't Be…

In an interview in which she ranted about reality shows, Chelsea Handler revealed that she had an abortion when she was a teenager. "We need to be focusing on other things," she told the New York Times. "We're seeking out such grossness in human behavior and want such mindless entertainment. The Real Housewives of… » 5/25/11 9:00am 5/25/11 9:00am

What Happened To Olivia Benson’s Sex Life?

If you want to try something interesting, watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit non-chronologically. It can be quite eye-opening. My boyfriend and I needed a predictable, non-committal show to get us through our December doldrums. With Angel and Veronica Mars behind us, and the wonders of Skins yet to be… » 2/16/11 1:35pm 2/16/11 1:35pm

Law & Order: SVU To Take On Rape Case Featured In Marie Claire

It took 13 years for law enforcement to properly investigate Helena Lazaro's brutal rape. It took far less than that for Law & Order: SVU to base an episode on her story; it airs Sept. 29, Lazaro tells us. » 8/13/10 3:30pm 8/13/10 3:30pm

"The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants:" (Mis)quoting Woody Allen Won't…

According to a sneak peek, Kathy Griffin's upcoming guest spot on Law & Order: SVU involves hitting on Mariska Hargitay's Olivia Benson. And Olivia, sadly, is having none of it. » 2/24/10 2:20pm 2/24/10 2:20pm

Mischa's A Mess On SVU Set; James Franco & Agyness Deyn Hit It Off