YouTube Makeup Star Lauren Luke Covers Up Her Bruises in Powerful…

It can be so easy to get public service announcements wrong—to veer into the cheesy, trite, or overly terrifying. But this new PSA from a group called Refuge, which helps victims of domestic violence, is kind of genius. It uses YouTube makeup tutorial megastar Lauren Luke as its spokesperson, and in the video she's… » 7/02/12 9:15pm 7/02/12 9:15pm

Is Lauren Luke Part Of Mysterious New "Real People" Movement?

In today's Times, there's a piece on Lauren Luke, a self-styled makeup maven, Internet sensation and fledgling cosmetics entrepreneur. And the analysis of some of the quoted experts is interesting; they don't seem able to comprehend liking someone "average": » 8/06/09 2:40pm 8/06/09 2:40pm