Enlightened Ladies Look Fab at the Women In The World Summit

Last night kicked off the Women in the World Summit (today Hillary Clinton speaks!) and lovely, lively ladies gathered to discuss solutions that advance women and girls. Usually we talk about the good, the bad and the ugly… But today it's all good. » 4/05/13 11:55am 4/05/13 11:55am

Lady Gaga And Her Meat Dress Top 2010 Fashion "Moments"

George W. Bush's Niece Engaged to Ralph Lauren's Son

Former model Lauren Bush and fashion heir David Lauren are engaged, according to Neiman Marcus' Twitter account. Hilarious name change possibility alert! » 12/12/10 1:45pm 12/12/10 1:45pm

12-Year-Old Designer Is Proof Our Culture Has Gone Very, Very Wrong

What Exactly Are The Bush Twins Supposed To Be At This Masquerade?

Remember when Halloween was all about filling that little orange Unicef box with pennies? For some celebs, it still is. At least, the Unicef part. » 10/22/10 10:30am 10/22/10 10:30am

Gisele Says She's Not Cheating On Tom Brady

Tyra Turns To Fiction; Lady Gaga Will Take Your Questions Now

Channel Your Inner Uptown Girl (Again) With Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is getting the French Legion of Honor, presumably for 30+ years of creating WASP mythology. And he's sticking with what works: this was a classic RL collection, jodhpurs, florals and all! » 2/18/10 4:30pm 2/18/10 4:30pm

Brr! Stars Let It Snow At UNICEF Snowflake Ball

The UNICEF Snowflake Ball, at Cipriani 42nd Street, is a Big Deal for the philanthropic set - and a perfect chance to wear lots and lots of winter white! And let's not forget all that frosty crystal! (Sandra Lee...) » 12/03/09 10:30am 12/03/09 10:30am

Kate On Another Cover; Lady GaGa Goes Broke On Fashion

David Revealed; Supermodel To Design Spring Line

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Pray For Marc Jacobs

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Donatella Versace At The White House Correspondents Dinner: It Promises…

Is Anna Wintour Taking Money From Charity To Pay Amy Linehouse?

The Other Boleyn Girl Fashions: Off With Their Heads

Although last night's NYC premiere of The Other Boleyn Girl boasted plenty of boldfaced names from the worlds of fashion, New York society, and Hollywood, Scarlett Johannson was, strangely, nowhere to be seen. However, Natalie Portman was there, and the vegan shoe designer showed off one of her best looks as of late:… » 2/27/08 10:30am 2/27/08 10:30am