The New Teri Garrs: Five Actresses We'd Want To Get A Beer With

The Teri Garr interview in the Onion's AV Club is unabashedly awesome; she's simply her no-nonsense, snarky self for several thousand lovely words. Garr, who has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for a long time and in 2006 had a brain aneurysm that left her pretty damaged, has since gone through tough rehabilitation… » 7/23/08 1:00pm 7/23/08 1:00pm

The Return of Jezebel James: Light On the Comedy, Heavy On the Barren Career-Woman

The Return of Jezebel James, a sitcom premiering tonight on Fox, has all the trappings of a quirky, must-see comedy: it's the "brainchild" of Gilmore Girls' creator Amy Sherman-Palladino! It stars wacky indie "It Girl" Parker Posey! It has some reference to Brooklyn! And yet, the critics all find the show flat. (We … » 3/14/08 12:30pm 3/14/08 12:30pm

The Return Of Jezebel James: Possibly Disappointing

So there's this new Fox show called The Return Of Jezebel James, written and produced by Amy Sherman of Gilmore Girls fame. Sounds great, right? And guess what? The cast is a dream: Parker Posey, Lauren Ambrose, and, rumor has it, Dianne Wiest (playing their mom). But upon viewing two clips, we're not sure the network… » 2/15/08 3:20pm 2/15/08 3:20pm