Conservative Critic: College Rape Statistics Are Overinflated

Heather MacDonald, a fellow at the conservative think tank the Manhattan Institute, had an essay in yesterday's Los Angeles Times railing against the "phony" rape epidemic on America's college campuses. MacDonald claims that the statistic used by many university rape crisis centers — 20-25% of college women will be… »2/25/08 1:00pm2/25/08 1:00pm

Former Daily News editor, author of the Thrill of the Chaste and self-proclaimed re-virgin Dawn Eden

Former Daily News editor, author of the Thrill of the Chaste and self-proclaimed re-virgin Dawn Eden is leading a panel of fellow "chastity all-stars" in order to discuss sex on college campuses. Or more likely, to discuss why girls on college campuses are such floozies and how to stop them from boning. The seminar,… »11/09/07 3:45pm11/09/07 3:45pm

Cosmopolitan's Date Rape Panel: There Are No Shades Of "Gray" When Vomit Is Involved

Remember last month when Moe wrote about gray rape after casual sex avenger and Washington Post scribe Laura Sessions Stepp published that inflammatory article about it in Cosmopolitan? Well, this morning at John Jay College, Cosmo invited Ms. Sessions Stepp, along with legal experts, psychology professors and… »10/15/07 5:00pm10/15/07 5:00pm

'Cosmo' Wonders: Is It Rape If You Had Too Many Jaeger Shots To Remember It Anyway?

True story that I wrote in three minutes because that's exactly how much time I felt like dwelling on it: this one time about nine years ago I got locked out of my house and went home with some vaguely smarmy hair-product using type from my ex-boyfriend's frat. I had slept with maybe two or three guys prior to that —… »8/27/07 3:00pm8/27/07 3:00pm

HPV Shots? Owie!! Say College Girls Stupid Enough To Talk To Laura Sessions Stepp

When we were in college, we had never heard of HPV. Now that Eli Lilly has been loudly forced to stop spending money educating people about it amidst a gargantuan media uproar, most college kids capable of staying sober for at least a few hours at a time know about it. But as usual with this generation, no one cares.… »4/03/07 4:10pm4/03/07 4:10pm