Rodarte Gives The World A Vincent Van Gogh-Inspired Collection

Rodarte showed a spring collection that was eminently "wearable" — which I guess is fashionspeak for "there were no horror-film-inspired dresses that looked like they were bleeding this time around." And nothing made of tentacles of black leather, either. Nor any rag-bag collages. What front-row guests like Elle and… » 9/14/11 7:45pm 9/14/11 7:45pm

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Another Day, Another Great Rodarte Collection

Rodarte, with its balance of high-concept artistry and plain-old covetability, has become a can't-miss show. And the Mulleavys' latest collection — an eclectic, sexy mix of structure, romance and contrast — was no exception. » 9/15/10 1:18pm 9/15/10 1:18pm

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$4,000 Dresses Inspired By Violent Mexico Town

For fall, Rodarte presented a collection inspired by women factory workers in Ciudad Juárez. Juárez is the world's most violent place, outside of active war zones. Hundreds — some say thousands — of women have been murdered in Juárez. » 7/16/10 6:43pm 7/16/10 6:43pm

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Rodarte Show Focuses On The Elemental

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of walking through the Cooper-Hewitt's just-opened Rodarte exhibit. It just about floored me to see that much hand-dyed silk tulle and felt-encrusted knitwear. » 2/12/10 2:40pm 2/12/10 2:40pm

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Amanda Fortini's profile of Kate and Laura Mulleavy — the Pasadena sisters behind Rodarte — examines the duo's relationship with middlebrow fashion bible Vogue. You know, the magazine that made them subsist on 1,300 calories a day for four months. » 1/11/10 4:40pm 1/11/10 4:40pm

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Tavi Gevinson—the Chicago area 13-year-old behind the fashion blog Style Rookie—certainly has come a long way. In 18 months of blogging, Tavi has gone from writing raps about Rei Kawakubo to flying to Japan as her guest. » 12/10/09 4:00pm 12/10/09 4:00pm

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