New Conservative Lifestyle Website Will Be Named 'LifeZette' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Very mean conservative radio host and wearer of prominently displayed cross necklaces Laura Ingraham announced today that she’s starting her very own lifestyle website for conservatives and independents. It’s going to be called LifeZette, which is a terrible name for a website. And I work at a website named after a… »4/01/15 6:10pm4/01/15 6:10pm


No Abortions, No Raises, More Guns: A CPAC Guide to Women's Success 

Jezebel managing editor Erin Gloria Ryan and I spent most of last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference, in part because we thought it would be hilarious fun (it was). I also went because I wanted to get a better sense of the right's priorities for women. It's that deluded instinct that got me standing… »3/02/15 4:15pm3/02/15 4:15pm

Righteously Insulted At Republican Slurs And Unrighteous Rage

  • Remember Oliver Clark? He asked a question at Tuesday's debate on the economy and John McCain told him he "probably" hadn't ever heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Well, it turns out he has a B.A. in PoliSci, a Masters in Legal Studies, and is in the midst of a Masters in Public Administration. So, he'd heard of…
  • »10/09/08 6:40pm10/09/08 6:40pm

Fox News Mouthpiece Doesn't Understand Sex Workers, Art

A couple days ago, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham was sitting in for Bill O'Reilly on Fox News and interviewed Annie Oakley, founder and director of the Sex Worker's Art Show. (The same Sex Worker's Art Show that got William & Mary's president fired.) Ingraham showed a complete lack of professionalism — or… »2/14/08 5:30pm2/14/08 5:30pm

Conservative Critic's Clash With 'The View' Panelists Doesn't Go As Planned

Conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham filled in the guest co-host spot on The View today. If you aren't familiar with her, she's sorta like Ann Coulter, except boring and not nearly as much fun (read: gay men would never find her funny in a campy way). She was promoting her new book, Power to the People, and… »11/12/07 6:30pm11/12/07 6:30pm