Justin Bieber Hopes Anne Frank 'Would Have Been a Belieber'

Bet you did Nazi this coming! Publicists/the fates diced and soaked locally-sourced ingredients for a gazpacho of Internet greatness when Justin Bieber stopped by Amsterdam's Anne Frank House on his European tour. He wrote in the museum guestbook: » 4/15/13 9:00am 4/15/13 9:00am

Please Stop Bugging Michelle Obama About Running for Senate

She may have academic credentials that match her Commander-in-Chief husband, the popular appeal of Madeleine Albright circa 1999, and the fashion chops of Carla Bruni, but Michelle Obama wants to make it clear that she's not interested in running for Senate in 2016. In other news, people are already starting to badger… » 5/29/12 7:00pm 5/29/12 7:00pm

George W. Bush: Stay In Afghanistan For Women's Sake

Whoever is minding George W. Bush's legacy these days sort of knows what they're doing: Here he is with Laura on Greta Van Susteren's show, talking about a conference for the rights of women. Just like Hillary Clinton! Sort of. And from a distance, Bush even has the added advantage of looking like a bleeding heart… » 4/01/11 10:27am 4/01/11 10:27am

Laura Bush: Michelle Gets A Pass From The Press

On Fox News Sunday, Laura Bush talked about why she'd been typecast as "dull, mumsy and old-fashioned," and compared her treatment to that of Michelle Obama. » 5/17/10 12:30pm 5/17/10 12:30pm

Laura Bush Supports Choice, Gay Rights • Support Hillary, Win A Date…

• Former first lady Laura Bush appeared on Larry King last night where she finally admitted that she doesn't agree with her husband on abortion and gay rights. Even though she could have taken a stronger stance: good for her. » 5/13/10 5:30pm 5/13/10 5:30pm

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Tyra pretends to have rabies, Lindsay Lohan says that partying is what she's "supposed to be doing," and the title of Queen Latifah's new movie—Just Wright—is particularly topical. » 5/07/10 6:00pm 5/07/10 6:00pm

Laura Bush Was "The Old Maid Of Midland"

When Laura Bush started talking about her "romance with George" on Oprah today, we expected nausea to set in. But Mrs. Bush actually showed a little spark of feminism. » 5/04/10 6:20pm 5/04/10 6:20pm

Laura Bush's New Memoir: Car Crashes, Sarah Palin, And Really Gross…

Laura Bush's Spoken from the Heart reportedly includes her first-ever public discussion of the fatal car crash she caused. But that's not the most shocking thing about the upcoming memoir. » 4/28/10 4:00pm 4/28/10 4:00pm

Colbert Uncovers Nickelodeon's First-Lady Bias

Should Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards have honored Laura Bush first? And, more importantly, what happens to iCarly yogurt if kids listen to Michelle Obama's nutrition advice? The Colbert Report asked the tough questions last night. » 4/06/10 12:40pm 4/06/10 12:40pm

Michelle Obama Will Donate Inaugural Dress To Smithsonian

The First Lady plans to give her white, one-shouldered Jason Wu inaugural ball gown to the Smithsonian on Tuesday. Helen Taft's, Eleanor Roosevelt's, Rosalynn Carter's, and Laura Bush's respective inaugural gowns are already in the museum's collection. [AP] » 3/05/10 2:20pm 3/05/10 2:20pm

Math Professor Discovers Marriage Formula • TLC Drops "Miss America"…

• A math professor from the UK recently created the "fiancee formula," which supposedly predicts the best time for a man to propose. Although it was created for men, the Daily Mail says it could equally apply to women. • » 3/01/10 5:20pm 3/01/10 5:20pm

Even Wild Horses Need Their Girlfriends • Fire Turns Irwin Land Into An…

• A research team has found that female friendships within bands of wild horses can lead to better reproductive success. They believe that the bonds between females may help the horses fend off annoying males, and thus reduce stress. • » 11/16/09 5:40pm 11/16/09 5:40pm

How To Talk Like Laura Bush & Sarah Palin

Watching the banality with which Laura Bush recently voiced her support for Sarah Palin inspired our rhetorical analysts to take a break from annotating and help readers translate ordinary English into the language of Laura — and other prominent Repubs. » 8/04/09 6:00pm 8/04/09 6:00pm

Stephen Colbert Takes One For The Team, Victory In Iraq

RuPaul Vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck On "Strong" Women

An out-of-drag RuPaul was on The View this morning and, while opining that the era of the bimbo is over, he managed to offend the delicate sensibilities of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The good news? » 3/04/09 3:30pm 3/04/09 3:30pm

Ms. Obama: Oh, This Old Thing?

Washingtoniennes Call Dibs On Choice Gowns, Avoid Inaugural Brawls

Genius idea: a website is allowing women to register the gowns they're wearing to inaugural balls so no one makes the faux pas of showing up in the same dress. We say: Thank. God. » 1/02/09 1:00pm 1/02/09 1:00pm