Jorge Ramos Asks to Interview Donald Trump, Trump Responds Trumpishly

Four-time bankruptcy filer and seething hernia mass Donald Trump said that all Mexicans crossing the border into the United States are rapists and criminals, so Univision wisely chose to sever their ties with the Trump Organization. On Thursday, Jorge Ramos of Univision politely requested an interview with Trump, who… »6/26/15 3:10pm6/26/15 3:10pm

Two White Girls Rap About Killing Black Boys and Try to Apologize

Two teenage white girls from Texas thought it would be a good idea to record themselves rapping a song that contained racist lyrics promoting violence against blacks, Latinos and Asians. The song starts off with one girl spewing the N-word, followed by “I want to kill them now, I want to hang them from a tree.” The… »4/16/15 9:00pm4/16/15 9:00pm

Rosie Perez Hilariously Unamused by Romney's Claim that Latinos Have it Easier than White Dudes

When chortling rich bastard Mitt Romney gave his infamous "47%" talk to a room full of gajillionaire donors earlier this year, he also pointed out that if he had been born Latino, he'd have it easier than he has it now, as an oppressed white man. Actress and card-carrying Latina Rosie Perez was wholly unamused, and… »10/15/12 5:35pm10/15/12 5:35pm

Pew Hispanic Center: Young Latinos "Between Two Worlds," Coming Of Age Marred By Early Pregnancy, Poverty, Incarceration, Violence

The face of the youth is overwhelmingly Latino. The shifting demographics of America mean that these kids will define the future. But sadly, the conclusions drawn in a new report from Pew illustrate the challenges facing the next generation. »12/13/09 5:00pm12/13/09 5:00pm

Politics Is Not "Black And White," It's Many Shades Of Brown

With all the talk of race in this election, the one large voting block that has been relatively ignored by the media since Hillary Clinton won its affections in the primaries is Latinos. But this week has brought us a trio of stories about the Latino — and particularly the Latina »10/23/08 1:30pm10/23/08 1:30pm — vote in this election. Despite…
A lot of work goes into creating a non-white television character!

A lot of work goes into creating a non-white television character! Creating everyone's favorite little Spanish-speaking explorer, Dora, took a year of planning with research, consulting and rounds of screenings with "tough" preschoolers. Not only that, the non-Latino creators have to be careful not to, you know, make… »4/14/08 12:45pm4/14/08 12:45pm