Child Beauty Pageant Makes Contestants Prove They're Actually Latina

Child beauty pageants are fucked up enough without adding a weird racial dimension to them, but if you're going to be terrible, you might as well be all-the-way terrible, right? The Little Miss Hispanic Delaware pageant — which exists because apparently the world doesn't mess with little girls' brains enough as-is —… »10/23/13 2:40pm10/23/13 2:40pm

Lest We Forget, Brown Kids Absolutely Deserve More Brown Superheroes

As great as Andrew Garfield was in The Amazing Spider-Man, do you guys remember that major Twitter petition to get Community actor-cum-rapper Childish Gambino Donald Glover in as Peter Parker? Even Stan Lee was down with the idea. Even as the idea of canon superheroes widens to fit more archetypes of girls and women… »6/15/13 12:30pm6/15/13 12:30pm

Latinos No Les Gusta Mitt Romney, Any Republican

Poor Mittens Romneybot. All his boyish heart wants and desires is simply to be the leader of the free world, elected President of the United States as God and nature and that lush head of hair intended. But no matter how hard he tries, no one seems to like him. Not far right social conservatives. Not female moderates.… »3/15/12 7:15pm3/15/12 7:15pm

Arizona Politician Proposes a Special Holiday for White People

When it comes to holidays, the theory is generally that you can never have enough of them. Though one Arizona lawmaker might be pushing the limits of that rule. During a conversation on the floor of the Arizona House Rep. Richard Miranda proposed a Latino American Day in Arizona, to celebrate the accomplishments of… »2/06/12 11:55pm2/06/12 11:55pm

Keeping The Homeland Safe From Gay Latinos, Regardless Of The Cost

After yesterday's story »8/12/08 2:20pm8/12/08 2:20pm about "Nichole," who is being spared deportation (for now) due to her sexuality, the has about gay asylum seekers from Latin America. In 1994, then-Attorney General Janet Reno ruled that asylum seekers could legally argue that they needed asylum because they would be persecuted for their…