Latina Writer on New York Times: Everywhere You Turn Another White Man

In a riveting new excerpt from A Cup of Water Under My Bed, the memoir by former New York Times writer Daisy Hernández, she writes about what it was like for her to be a sole Latina in a sea of white men—old-boys who crack hilarious jokes about super-fund stories and subtly undermine her pitches about Colombian… » 9/29/14 4:30pm 9/29/14 4:30pm

Cláudia Ferreira and the Apathy Towards Black and Brown Women

Christen Smith posted a harrowing article on The Feminist Wire regarding the death of Cláudia Ferreira da Silva. Smith describes the incident as the following: » 5/05/14 11:20pm 5/05/14 11:20pm

Cesar Chavez the Only Latino-Centric Studio Film Opening This Year

Directed by Diego Luna — whom you may remember as one of the stars of Y Tu Mamá TambiénCesar Chavez, a biopic about the farm worker turned civil rights activist, hits theaters Friday. It is this year's only major studio release about (or starring) Latinos. » 3/24/14 9:30pm 3/24/14 9:30pm

Child Beauty Pageant Makes Contestants Prove They're Actually Latina

Child beauty pageants are fucked up enough without adding a weird racial dimension to them, but if you're going to be terrible, you might as well be all-the-way terrible, right? The Little Miss Hispanic Delaware pageant — which exists because apparently the world doesn't mess with little girls' brains enough as-is —… » 10/23/13 2:40pm 10/23/13 2:40pm

"I want to make furniture. I want to complete the album, go on tour. I have a documentary that I've been filming secretly […] I've really gotten into entomology… If I were to write out a to-do list, it would fill the entire wall." Tattoo artist, cosmetics enthusiast and multi-tasker Kat Von D in November's Latina. » 10/08/13 6:15pm 10/08/13 6:15pm

I Wanted To Marry A Latino And Fell For A White Guy

In college there was no doubt in my mind that I would marry a Mexican. I didn't want my culture to be diluted. I wanted to live in a Spanish-speaking household. I wore Ché Guevara berets with rebozos and Tehuana blouses. I just stopped short of wearing a poncho and purchasing a donkey just to really make a point. I… » 7/22/11 3:35pm 7/22/11 3:35pm

Colorado Swears In First Openly Gay Latina Justice

On Friday Monica Marquez became the first openly gay and first female Hispanic Colorado Supreme Court justice. After being sworn in by her father, a retired judge, Marquez noted, "My allegiance is to the law, not to any particular constituency." » 12/14/10 11:14am 12/14/10 11:14am

Poor, White Women Least Likely To Get IUDs

A study shows doctors recommend IUDs less frequently to poor white women than to wealthier white women, or poor black or Latina women. One author says doctors must consider "how their patients' characteristics may influence the care they provide." » 10/08/10 5:26pm 10/08/10 5:26pm

The Dramatic Transformation Of A Mexican-American Singer

Lila Downs is an extraordinary Mixteca/American (Scottish) singer. She has thick Frida Kahlo-like natural brows, a pale olive-tinted complexion, long black braids, and the fashion sense of an old-world, beautiful Mexican woman. Well, she used to have all those things. » 9/17/10 11:30am 9/17/10 11:30am

Justice Sotomayor's Red Nail Polish Is "A Symbol of Her Latina Culture?"

Mimi Valdés (editor of Latina magazine) and Gloria J. Baily (director of Diversity at a university) agree in Forbes Woman that Sotomayor's nail polish color choice stems from ethnic pride. [Forbes Woman] » 12/29/09 3:45pm 12/29/09 3:45pm

"Her Honor:" 6 Things To Know About Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor has turned down almost every interview request since being appointed to the Supreme Court. But that didn't stop the former editor of Latina from drawing on her history with the Justice in a new piece. » 12/11/09 1:20pm 12/11/09 1:20pm


"My father loved women. And my mom, like a smart Dominican woman, used to smell his underwear when he came home to make sure he hadn't been with someone else." — Michelle Rodriguez. [Latina] » 4/16/09 11:45am 4/16/09 11:45am

Como Se Dice "Lady Oz?"

Possibly-awesome show alert: HBO Latino is launching a new original series » 8/06/08 2:20pm 8/06/08 2:20pm set in a fictional Mexican women's prison. The drama, titled , will begin airing on September 10th and focuses on the corruption and abuse within women's prisons and the tensions between a prison rights attorney (Dolores Heredia) and a…