Detailed Paper-Cut False Eyelashes Depict Entire Scenes On Your Eyelids

Likely inspired by the Chinese art of paper-cutting, these highly-detailed false lashes by Taiwanese designer Ting yu Wang incorporates designs, animals, and sometimes even a whole scene that will fit atop your eyelids. While some may say they're a bit busy, I think they're pretty neat — until you get something caught… »7/27/11 9:13pm7/27/11 9:13pm


Mascara Ad Uses False Lashes To Convince You Of "True" Volume

This fairly straight-forward CoverGirl LashBlast ad — seen in this week's Ok! magazine — features two images of ANTM winner Nicole Fox, and one beauty shot of a mascara bottle and wand. The copy asks, "Is your volume true? Or false?" And continues: "LastBlast gives you true volume. If your mascara promises volume but… »5/27/11 4:10pm5/27/11 4:10pm