Here's What Larry Wilmore's 'Minority Report' Could Look Like

We now have an idea of what Comedy Central's highly anticipated Minority Report will be like., which fans of The Daily Show have witnessed on more than a few occassions. When comedian Larry Wilmore was picked to replace Stephen Colbert (who is stepping down from his gig hosting The Colbert Report to host The Late Show »6/02/14 11:38pm6/02/14 11:38pm

The Daily Show Takedown of Civil War History Revisionists Is Fantastic

Courageous outlier/former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano isn't afraid to voice unpopular opinions no matter how factually inaccurate they are. The Fox News senior judicial analyst recently expressed some pretty out there (and entirely ignorant) thoughts on Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War,… »2/25/14 5:15pm2/25/14 5:15pm