Makeup That Will Get You Laid-- Er...Make You Look Just Like Lana Del Rey

Happy Halloween, dolls! I was going to make myself look extra creepy for your seasonally-appropriate viewing pleasure, but then something came up: I noticed that the man I love has been listening to a LOT of Our Lady Lana lately. Like, nonstop. I don’t know how things work in your universe, but personally I find that… »10/28/15 1:16pm10/28/15 1:16pm


Lana Del Rey Honestly Nailing It With New 'High By The Beach' Track

I’ll spare you the “it me” jokes: this is a real earworm, and if a Lana Del Rey song called “High By The Beach” appeals to you in theory, then it’s high-by-the-beach time you got involved. Tighter, plainer, more melodically dynamic and more aesthetically coherent than anything Lana Del Rey’s released off her… »8/10/15 10:15am8/10/15 10:15am

Here's Lana Del Rey's Ghostly New Love Song 'Honeymoon'

It’s been just over a year since Lana Del Rey released her sophomore album Ultraviolence, the Dan Auerbach-produced “desert rock” album that was a dark and dreary departure from her baroque pop debut Born To Die. Today she just released the first song from her third album, the Mark Ronson-produced Honeymoon. The title… »7/14/15 1:30pm7/14/15 1:30pm

James Franco and Lana Del Rey Want to Make Insufferable Movie Together

Hey there, mortal earth creatures. While you were busy being bound by the tethers of normality and your petty 9-t0-5 concerns, two transcendent artists—she of the cemetery and he of something far worse (a college MFA writing program)—have been collaborating with the intention of creating something truly remarkable and… »1/30/15 3:15pm1/30/15 3:15pm

Emo Teen Scarlett Johansson Says Her Body Is 'Okay, I Guess'

Scarlett Johansson, who is widely considered one of the most beautiful people on the planet, sat down with Barbara Walters recently to reveal this humbling tidbit about herself: Asked if she likes her body, Johansson replied that she only thinks it's only "okay." Looks like stars really are just like us (i.e.… »12/16/14 10:30am12/16/14 10:30am

Marilyn Manson Denies Involvement With Lana Del Rey Rape Scene 

In November, video footage of Lana Del Rey playing out a graphic rape scene leaked to the internet. Directed by shock-jock director Eli Roth, the clip was assumed to be an outtake from a "sick" video for Marilyn Manson, starring Manson's alleged then-girlfriend Del Rey. In a new interview with the NME, though, Manson… »12/11/14 5:30pm12/11/14 5:30pm

Roth's Lana Del Rey Rape Scene: 'So Sick, It's Been Locked in a Vault'

[Updated] In 2013, Eli Roth, director of gore and anxiety-horror films like Hostel and Grindhouse, directed a characteristically sick video for Marilyn Manson that featured Lana Del Rey in a rape scene. Because the footage was "so sick," it was "locked in a vault for over a year," Roth told Larry King, but has now… »11/20/14 12:30pm11/20/14 12:30pm

Iggy Azalea Falls Victim to the SNL Curse

It's not just Halloween: television sound stages are notoriously difficult for musicians to navigate, as they are cavernous and tinny with acoustics suited for conversations and applause, and Saturday Night Live's soundstage is, notoriously, the worst of any of them. It has been the site of both demise (Ashlee… »10/27/14 11:30am10/27/14 11:30am

James Franco Tackled a Guy After a Lana Del Rey Cemetery Concert

Lana Del Rey held a concert at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and — as so happens when the Corpse Bride wails her sorry song on hallowed ground — the air turned cold, dead loved ones returned to walk the mortal coil and James Franco (and his Elizabeth Taylor/Montgomery Clift head tattoo) allegedly tackled a… »10/20/14 10:10am10/20/14 10:10am