Madonna To Replace Guy With Gwyneth?

  • Madonna is "begging" Gwyneth Paltrow to move back to New York so they can hang out and do yoga or whatever. Gwynnie lives in London with hubby Chris Martin, son Moses and daughter Apple. Will her Madgesty get what she wants? [The Sun]
  • We reported this before and it may actually happen: Madonna is orchestrating a…
» 11/06/08 9:00am 11/06/08 9:00am

Lakshmi: Now A Normal Girl, Still a Goddess

We have always had kind of an obsession with Lakshmi, the Indian girl born with a parasitic twin that gave her four arms and four legs. Well, Lakshmi and her family (who, you might recall, rightly refused to sell her to a circus) are the subjects of a National Geographic documentary this weekend and a 20/20 story » 6/13/08 4:30pm 6/13/08 4:30pm

Lakshmi Update!

Two-year-old Lakshmi Tatma, who survived the surgery conducted to separate her from the headless body of her absorbed twin, made her first public appearance today! She was carried into a conference holding a cookie, which she definitely deserves. [CNN]
» 11/13/07 7:20pm 11/13/07 7:20pm

While we could have chosen a photo of Lakshmi all two-legged and wrapped in bandages with a breathing tube off her doctors' computer screen, our hormones just wouldn't let us not publish this photo. Lakshmi, who we cooed over yesterday, survived her 24 hour and $625,000 pro-bono surgery yesterday! She may have to have… » 11/07/07 9:45am 11/07/07 9:45am