Were the Cast of Laguna Beach Wizards? An Investigation

Earlier today, the MTV archivists were digging through all the various hallowed tomes contained within the MTV Vault, when — by some stroke of divine fortune — they came across a clip of the Laguna Beach cast discussing where they would be in 10 years. The clip was filmed exactly(ish) 1o years ago. Was the Laguna… »7/31/14 4:00pm7/31/14 4:00pm


Lauren Conrad Adds "Forbes Lifestyle Contributor" To Her Resume

LC just can't stop marketing herself, and now she's taking to the internet. Oh good — we have room to spare 'round here on the internet! She says, "In the following months, I'll be talking about what it takes to run a business, design a clothing line, write a book, run a website, and much more." Please, please say… »6/22/11 1:44pm6/22/11 1:44pm

Does Mary-Louise Parker Think Someone Is A Spoiled Bad Actress?

  • Mary-Lousie Parker was overheard ranting about some Weeds star's inflated sense of entitlement and crap acting abilities and for some reason everyone's pointing the finger at Mary-Kate Olsen. Think it's the similar names? [Gatecrasher]
  • Think this blind item about a "supposedly rehabbed" starlet with a with a weakness…
  • »12/31/07 9:00am12/31/07 9:00am

Al Gore Not Running For President, Son In Rehab: Coincidence? We Think Not

  • Al "I'm The Man Who Was Elected President, But Whatever I'm A Movie Star Now" Gore has "fallen out of love" with politics, he says. And thus will not be running for president... again. If this is true, what a drama queen! If this isn't true, what an even bigger drama queen! Simmer down, Al! (And if you need some help…
  • »7/05/07 7:15pm7/05/07 7:15pm