Todd 'Legitimate Rape' Akin Wishes Claire McCaskill Were More Ladylike

Femininity expert and giant elderly fetus Todd Akin is moving his mouth parts and making awful sounds again. This time, rather than sharing his opinions about Rape Science, he's got an opinion about his opponent Senator Claire McCaskill, who he has determined is poised to lose the election because she is less… » 9/27/12 7:15pm 9/27/12 7:15pm

Gentlemen Are A Dying Breed. And Whither The Ladylike Ladies?

A story in today's Times Of London asks, "Are gentlemen a dying breed?" The author, William Drew, writes that when his grandfather died, people remembered him as a "true gent." "The act of being a gentleman transcends conventionality and surely goes some way beyond basic good manners," Drew claims. "My grandfather… » 5/20/08 2:00pm 5/20/08 2:00pm