Lady Gaga Reveals The Only Controversial Thing About "Judas" Video

In the video for Lady Gaga's "Judas," Jesus has cornrows. The disciples are a leather-clad motorcycle gang. Gaga wears a bikini top featuring nipple-hiding crosses, and folks are anointed with holy water and beer. But as Gaga tells E!: » 5/06/11 4:40pm 5/06/11 4:40pm

See Lady Gaga As Mary Magdalene In New "Judas" Video

We were told that Lady Gaga's new video, "Judas," would be premiering on E! tonight. But wily one that she is, this afternoon she put five minutes of the 10-minute clip up on YouTube. What you'll see: Choppers. Leather jackets. Bandanas. Cornrows. A crown of thorns. Foot-washing. Norman Reedus from Boondock Saints.… » 5/05/11 4:20pm 5/05/11 4:20pm

Catholics Angry With Lady Gaga's Blashphemous New Single

Well, one Catholic, anyway: Catholic League President Bill Donohue is not a fan of Lady Gaga's new track, "Judas." In fact, he's pretty upset: » 4/18/11 4:57pm 4/18/11 4:57pm

Lady Gaga Releases Biblical Dance Track In Time For Easter

"Jesus is my virtue, and Judas is the demon I cling to," Gaga sings in her new track, "Judas." The Madonna enthusiast is in her "Like A Prayer" phase, guys! Although: There are moments when it kind of sounds like she's saying "Jew, ah, ah." So maybe you can play the tune at Seder while looking for the Afikoman. In any… » 4/15/11 7:10pm 4/15/11 7:10pm