21 Things I Learned from 131 Years of Ladies' Home Journal

Ladies' Home Journal was launched in 1883 by the Philadelphia-based Curtis Publishing Group; over its lifetime, it straddled three centuries. But it's a monthly publication no more—the staff has been gutted and it'll survive as nothing more than a "special interest publication" sold only on newsstands. I.e., a ghost. »8/21/14 2:40pm8/21/14 2:40pm

Dolly Parton Blames Tits For Postponing Tour, But Is An Eating Disorder To Blame?

"If somebody asks me point-blank, 'Have you had plastic surgery?' it's like, well, duh," Dolly Parton tells the latest issue of Ladies Home Journal in an interview tied to the concert tour she just canceled on account of her breasts. Prescient, no? The magazine doesn't say much about Dolly's new album, Backwoods Barbie »2/11/08 4:40pm2/11/08 4:40pm

Study Says Magazines For Black Women More Likely To Shill Fad Diets

The way "black" magazines and "mainstream" mags discuss diet strategies is very different, according a recent study done at the University of Iowa. According to a U of Iowa press release: "African-American women's magazines are more likely to encourage fad diets and reliance on faith to lose weight, while mainstream… »1/15/08 1:00pm1/15/08 1:00pm