The 12 Weirdest Reasons For Banning Science Fiction and Fantasy Books


It's Banned Books Week! But people are trying to keep great books out of libraries and schools every hour of every day, year round. And often, people's reasons for challenging these titles are really, really... outlandish. Here are 12 SF and fantasy books that people have given incomprehensible reasons for banning. »9/25/14 1:57pm9/25/14 1:57pm

Kurt Vonnegut Recommended This Sexy Danish Sex Book to His Wife

When Vonnegut wasn't busy writing term papers for Rodney Dangerfield, he was penning letters to his wife Jane, encouraging her curiosity with all things sexual. He writes, "If you are as interested in sex as you say you are, there is a really lovely book about it in my study - on a top shelf. It's red, and it's called… »12/06/12 11:15am12/06/12 11:15am

Were You a Judy Blume Enthusiast or a Babysitters Club Nerd?

In today's Washington Post, book critic Jonathan Yardley extols the virtues of Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Little House books as part of "An occasional series in which The Post's book critic reconsiders notable and/or neglected books from the past." Though I was never personally a fan of all those Prairie books… »11/08/07 2:00pm11/08/07 2:00pm