Lindsay Lohan Called That Woman a Thief and a "Fucking Gypsy" Right Before She Punched Her

As if Lindsay Lohan smacking a woman at a nightclub after a Justin Bieber concert over some dude from a band called The Wanted didn't already sound like a demented Canterbury Tale written in glitter pen ("Lindsay got drunker and drunker… and it turned Max [George] off"), there is now a whole new dimension of… »12/01/12 11:30am12/01/12 11:30am

Honey Boo Boo Disrupts Anderson Interview, Thereby Making It 100 Times Better

Alana Thompson (better known as Honey Boo Boo) and her mother June appeared on yesterday's Anderson to be interviewed about the success of their family's show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Child. While Anderson was hoping to discuss the backlash that has followed the family's popularity, Honey Boo Boo had other, slightly… »9/11/12 11:20am9/11/12 11:20am

Charlie Kaufman and Dan Harmon Team Up to Form a Dysfunctional Band of Weirdo Geniuses

Have you heard about this shit? Apparently ousted Community creator Dan Harmon has teamed up with professional banana Charlie Kaufman to make a stop-motion animation movie called Anomalisa about "a 'celebrated motivational speaker' at the end of his rope. That changes when he meets a girl who makes him 'willing to… »7/11/12 8:15pm7/11/12 8:15pm

Massey Brothers Slap Bristol Palin With Serious Allegations Of Being Not So Raven

Kyle and Christopher Massey, brothers and former and current Disney stars respectively (Zooey 101, That's So Raven, and spinoff Cory In The House, filed a suit in federal court today against dilettante and professional asshat Bristol Palin, claiming that they created the reality TV show about Palin's life with son… »6/20/12 9:00am6/20/12 9:00am