The Kardashian Sisters Were 'Bitches' When They Found Out About Rob and Blac Chyna's Engagement

On this week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the A-Plot was Kris Jenner’s surprise family trip to Vail; the B-Plot was Rob Kardashian’s thinly veiled attempt to ruin his family from the inside out; and the C-Plot was Kourtney’s constantly growing annoyance with Scott Disick’s existence. #LEGGO


Rob Kardashian's New Home Design Apparently Caused Major Beef Between Kourtney and Faye Resnick

On this week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians we witnessed miracles, learned about interiors, and what it meant to be a friend. Our A-Plot was Rob’s return; the B-Plot Kourtney’s obsession with Interior Design; and our C-Plot was Khloe’s strained relationship with Rob. Now let’s get into it, Dolls. #LEGGO

This Week In Tabloids: Let Us Pray, Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant With Justin Bieber's Baby

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we read a headline about Justin Bieber impregnating Kourtney Kardashian, throw up our breakfast, shamefully clean up our desk, throw up again after being reminded of the pregnancy, and decide to keep working from the vomit-covered desk because nothing matters now that the plot of …


I Tried Eating a Reese's Cup Like Kourtney Kardashian, and You'll Never Believe What Happened Next

The experience of using Kourtney Kardashian’s app is a lot like paying $2.99 to enter a very wealthy stranger’s stark white mansion for the sole privilege of thumbing through a limited selection of photo albums they’ve fanned out on their coffee table. As you turn the pages and squint at every well-shot reminder that…

Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors: Sorry, When Are We Supposed to Believe Kim Went Into Labor?

Hello, Dolls! Sunday was the season 11 finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians! Let us rejoice and be glad in Him and Kris that we made it this far. Thank you for your service and standing with me during these trying weeks of recounting, deciphering and bringing to light the lies cast upon us by our favorite family.…

The Kardashian Jenners Are an Indistinguishable Blur of Fluff and Sparkles, White and Tan

Thursday afternoon at Madison Square Garden, the Kardashians and the Jenners and the Wests seemed to arrive to Kanye’s album listening/fashion show as one fluffy unit—their floor-length furs and chandelier-mimicking sequins blended into one another, an indistinguishable palette of white and off-white and tan and rosé.…