Social Anxiety: A Tried-and-True Strategy for Selling Pads Since 1950

As we've covered before, Kotex were launched onto the American market in the early 20s with callbacks to World War I. A few decades later, they were taking a more conventional approach: needling at your social anxieties. Girls in the know get Kotex; girls without a fucking clue about how to act use some other brand! »3/23/15 7:45pm3/23/15 7:45pm


Before White Yoga Pants, the Star of Kotex Ads Was World War I

At this point, ads for [adjusts bifocals, clears throat] "feminine products" are so cliche that Always has broken down and started doing Dove-style empowerment marketing in the hopes of standing out. How many ways can you market tampons and pads, which are pretty much all the same shit anyway? »3/03/15 4:20pm3/03/15 4:20pm

New TV Ads from Kotex Should Help Debunk Some of the More Pernicious Vagina Myths

On Monday, Jan. 7, the benevolent corporate entity known as Kimberly-Clark will launch an ad campaign for its U by Kotex brand that unabashedly discusses the sundry myths shrouding ladyparts. "Generation Know", which was devised in part by Ogivly & Mather, will feature 30- and 15-second TV spots in which young women… »1/04/13 5:50pm1/04/13 5:50pm

Horrifying Moldy Tampon Story Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Here's a tale that will make you instinctively cross your legs at the ankles and do an involuntary Kegel — a woman who discovered that her unused Kotex tampons were covered in mysterious black spots was told by the manufacturer that she should cool her jets because the substance on her tampons was harmless bread mold.… »3/28/12 4:20pm3/28/12 4:20pm