Komen Cuts 7 Fundraising Walks After Obvious Decline in Participants

Oh, Komen. It's just always something with you. After a disastrous year of pulling funding from Planned Parenthood, changing their minds, firing the critically acclaimed author of "Planned Bullyhood," and giving their CEO a fat salary raise, Susan G. Komen for the Cure has taken another major hit. The non-profit… » 6/05/13 3:40pm 6/05/13 3:40pm

Karen Handel Thinks Planned Parenthood 'Literally' Stole the Color Pink…

Karen Handel, the failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate and disgraced Susan G. Komen For the Cure executive who orchestrated Komen's catastrophic decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood, went on a delusional rant during a lecture to the conservative Family Research Council today about how Planned Parenthood… » 12/13/12 6:15pm 12/13/12 6:15pm

Women Responsible for Turning Susan G. Komen Into a Joke Might Run for…

Earlier this year, Susan G. Komen For the Cure did the public relations equivalent of pulling down its pants and taking a giant dump all over its shiny pink reputation by cutting off grants to Planned Parenthood for political reasons, and then lying and saying they were doing it because of new rules. The new-ish,… » 11/21/12 7:00pm 11/21/12 7:00pm

Guns For the Cure® Probably Won't Cure Breast Cancer®, Either

Now, I'm not a science expert here, and I'm not a gun expert, either, but it seems slightly "off" to have a gun club sponsor an event with proceeds that benefit notorious pinkwasher Susan G. Komen For the Cure® during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I mean, guns kill lots of people, much like breast cancer, so guns and… » 10/05/12 6:15pm 10/05/12 6:15pm

Komen Surprisingly Rejects Funding from Pornhub's 'Save the Boobies'…

Well, that was quick. Susan G. Komen For the Cure® has stated in no uncertain terms that it has no use for any money that Pornhub.com's October Save the Boobies! campaign was raising. The organization has also demanded that the porn site stop using the Komen name, stop it at once before poor Nancy Brinker catches the… » 10/04/12 7:00pm 10/04/12 7:00pm

The Silliest Pink Crap Money Can Buy, None of Which Will Cure Breast…

It's October! You know what that means — candy shelves overstuffed with fun sized candy bars, sweaters and boots and tights and scarves in Gap commercials — and everywhere you turn, pink crap for sale under the guise that buying it means that you're promoting Awareness® of Breast Cancer. Thing is, not only is most of… » 10/03/12 1:25pm 10/03/12 1:25pm

Komen Sees Significant and Predictable Decline in Ohio’s Race for the…

Things are going predictably poorly for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, saw about 2,000 fewer participants in this year's Susan G. Komen Northeast Ohio Race for the Cure than last year's pre-controversy version. The organization had guessed that, ever since it decided to… » 9/16/12 1:30pm 9/16/12 1:30pm

Great. Breast Cancer Prevention May Lead to Breast Cancer

Raise your hand if you saw this one coming from a mile away — while for years women have been told and told and told by everything from pink NFL wristbands to Yoplait lids that the best way to fight breast cancer was to detect it via self-exams and mammograms, it turns out that the act of looking for breast cancer… » 9/07/12 5:00pm 9/07/12 5:00pm

Even Local Komen Affiliates That Disagreed With Planned Parenthood…

Susan G. Komen For the Cure's decision to defund Planned Parenthood and the charity's subsequent lying about why they did it should be a case study for aspiring philanthropists on how not to handle a public relation's crisis (or an aspiring clueless rich lady's guide on how to make Regulars hate you). But when the… » 8/21/12 2:30pm 8/21/12 2:30pm

Planned Parenthood Rolls Out New Initiative Thanks to Sweet, Sweet Irony

Planned Parenthood has announced that it will use the $3 million it received in donations earlier this year to roll out a shiny new initiative to offer more breast cancer screenings and education programs. The funding for this new initiative comes as a direct result of breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen's decision… » 8/21/12 10:00am 8/21/12 10:00am

Republican Who Led Planned Parenthood Investigation Loses Reelection to…

Cliff Stearns, the whackadoodle Florida Republican who led Congress's investigation into Planned Parenthood and Solyndra, just received his Thank You note from voters: a primary loss to a large animal Veterinarian named (I'm not kidding) Dr. Yoho who has never held public office before and spent a fraction of money… » 8/15/12 5:20pm 8/15/12 5:20pm

Ex-Komen Executive Karen Handel Writing Memoir on How Planned…

Remember Karen Handel, the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate-cum-Susan G. Komen For the Cure executive who played a pretty key role in the breast cancer charity's spectacular public implosion? Remember how she quit in a huff and went on what could only be called a press tour wherein she took every opportunity to… » 8/13/12 5:15pm 8/13/12 5:15pm

Komen President Steps Down to Focus on Making More Money

Nancy Brinker, founder, President, and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure (which I'm now required to characterize as "embattled") announced yesterday that after years at the helm of the breast cancer charity, she'd be stepping down from her role to focus more on "revenue creation." Two other board members resigned on… » 8/09/12 10:00am 8/09/12 10:00am

Komen-Planned Parenthood Shitshow Affecting Race For The Cure…

Although the Komen Foundation reversed their immensely unpopular decision to cut funds to Planned Parenthood earlier this year as soon as they realized they stepped in yards of shit, the debacle seems to have affected continued support for Vermont-area Race For The Cure participants and sponsorships. The Vermont-New… » 7/07/12 12:30pm 7/07/12 12:30pm

Susan G. Komen's Ill-Advised Partnership With a Dictator's Daughter

The breast cancer charity that managed to make almost everyone angry by defunding and then reinstating funds to Planned Parenthood earlier this year is involved in another poorly thought out venture — its partner charity in Uzbekistan is run by Gulnara Karimova, the ruthless child labor-exploiting fashion designer/pop… » 4/20/12 11:20am 4/20/12 11:20am

A Five-Step Guide to Effective Philanthropy

Disheartened by the crash-and-burn philanthropy debacles of the past few months? Don't be! For every Komen or Kony 2012 fiasco, there are dozens of excellent charities that deserve your attention. We've compiled a charity guide for people who want to donate effectively, but don't have large amounts of time or money… » 4/05/12 1:48pm 4/05/12 1:48pm

Komen’s Founder Apologizes to Congress, Asks for Some Money

On Friday, Susan G. Komen founder Nancy Brinker sent what was most assuredly a heartfelt letter to Congress, apologizing for all the boo-boos the organization made during its very public discontinuation of Planned Parenthood funding and asking representatives, now that the organization's contrite and everything, if… » 3/31/12 11:30am 3/31/12 11:30am

Komen Freaking Out After Board Chairman Steps Down

The Chairman of the Board of the Susan G. Komen foundation has stepped down from his position at the embattled breast cancer charity, claiming that the post interfered with his role as a provost at Howard University. But a source claims that the university pressured him to distance himself from the now-controversial… » 3/23/12 4:30pm 3/23/12 4:30pm

Komen Cancels Annual Gala to Avoid Inevitable Embarrassment

Susan G. Komen for the Cure continues to Race for Its Public Image two months after its very public discontinuation of funding Planned Parenthood, its very public lying about why they did it, and its very public, very awkward backpedaling followed by the bitter resignation of a former anti-Planned Parenthood… » 3/15/12 1:00pm 3/15/12 1:00pm

Komen Supporters Racing for the Cure At About Same Rate as Last Year

The first Race for the Cure event since a lot of people started pointing out that Komen actually kind of sucks as a charity was to be a test for the organization, and since turnout at this event was the same as last year, organizers say all's well that ends well. But is it really that simple? » 2/20/12 5:15pm 2/20/12 5:15pm