Chelsea Handler Would Never Sleep With A Dwarf Because It'd Be 'Child Abuse'

Rosie O'Donnell and Chelsea Handler have gotten themselves into some super-sized trouble with the little person community. The two were chatting on Rosie's show when O'Donnell confessed, "I'm a little ashamed about it [but] I have a mild fear or anxiety around little people." Handler then went on to say some pretty… »2/15/12 8:00pm2/15/12 8:00pm

Basketball Wives Worked Together To Uncover Kobe Bryant’s Cheating

The wives of male sports stars are often painted as competitive, backstabbing bitches who are more concerned with catty one-upmanship than camaraderie, but the latest development in the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant divorce goes a long way to dispel that myth – with the wives of his fellow teammates working together to lift… »12/19/11 9:00am12/19/11 9:00am

Kobe Bryant's Wife Files For Divorce Because He Won't Stop Cheating

Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa, filed for divorce today. According to TMZ, Vanessa left because Kobe couldn't stop cheating on her. He was, of course, charged with sexually assaulting a woman in 2003, and Vanessa famously stood by him then. But a new incident was apparently what drove her to leave, a source says, »12/16/11 8:00pm12/16/11 8:00pm