Noted Girlfriend-Impregnator Levi Johnston Strikes Again

At just twenty-one years old, Levi Johnston is already being known for his "world class" sperm and failure to use condoms properly. First his little swimmers (and some wine coolers) were involved in Bristol Palin's pregnancy. And now, TMZ is reporting that Levi's tiny, valiant soldiers have rammed through the membrane… »4/03/12 10:20am4/03/12 10:20am


Teen Moms Displeased At Double Standard Glorifying Bristol Palin & Jamie Lynn Spears

Many former teen mothers are dismayed »10/24/08 9:30am10/24/08 9:30am at what they perceive to be a exaltation of teen pregnancy in pop culture. Evelyn Rodriguez, 34, who had a son at age 15 and is just now getting her college degree tells the , "[Teen pregnancy] has been glorified all over the place." Rodriguez believes lower income girls might see…

Getting Knocked Up "Accidentally On Purpose" Is All The Rage In London

The Times of London »10/06/08 4:40pm10/06/08 4:40pm has an article about women in their thirties who get pregnant meaning they have unprotected sex with someone they think is "good father material" without the dude knowing their intentions. The paper talks to a woman named Katya who kept the baby that resulted from a 2 week fling; she is making no…

Ask Not What Bristol Palin Can Do For You, Ask What Sarah Palin Can Do For Your Pregnant Daughter

It's been about 48 hours since Bristol Palin's pregnancy was announced, and pundits of all stripes have weighed in on the significance of a single, underage, fertile female. In the Washington Post »9/03/08 12:00pm9/03/08 12:00pm, columnist writes, "We are ambivalent about what to do once a girl becomes pregnant. But once that choice is made — and…

Why Bristol Palin's Pregnancy Should Be Fair Game To Pundits (If Not Democrats)

When Sarah Palin gave her introductory speech »9/02/08 12:00pm9/02/08 12:00pm on Friday in Dayton, Ohio, she spent a minute or two thanking the McCains and uttering various pleasantries about her nomination before launching into a several minute spiel about her family — about her snowmobilin' husband, Todd, and about her oldest son, Track, who…

Manohla Dargis Is Over Judd Apatow And His Merry Band Of Man-Children

Writer/Producer/Director/Hollywood sweetheart Judd Apatow's alleged sexism has been oft-discussed 'round these parts, and in her review of the new Apatow production Step Brothers, the NY Times' Manohla Dargis explores Judd's comedic man-child meme and rips it a new asshole. Quick plot summary: Step Brothers stars Will… »7/25/08 3:20pm7/25/08 3:20pm

Writer Blames Second Wave Feminists For Failing To Prevent Teen Pregnancy

ABC Family's much-hyped teen pregnancy drama The Secret Life of an American Teenager debuts tonight and that, coupled with the Gloucester High baby explosion, has inspired a slew of articles discussing the state of barely-legal uteri. Christopher Caldwell of the Financial Times claims that the current "ideology" of… »7/01/08 9:30am7/01/08 9:30am