Knitting Is Healthy for Your Brain

Several different studies support that knitting—and crafting in general—serves as a natural anti-depressant, helps ease anxiety and stress, can protect your brain from aging and has the effects as meditation. » 3/25/14 11:45am 3/25/14 11:45am

A Woman Spent 11 Years Knitting A Coat And Hat Out Of Her Own Hair

A former schoolteacher from Chongqing, China named Xiang Renxian has devoted nearly a dozen years of her life to making a hat and coat for her husband—out of her very own hair. » 1/30/14 10:30pm 1/30/14 10:30pm

Norwegian TV Station to Air Five Straight Hours of Competitive Knitting

Ah, Norway! Land of my people! A Norwegian television station has announced that they plan to broadcast the world knitting record for the fastest time from "sheep to actual finished sweater"—earmarking a full five contiguous hours for the purpose. That's five hours of shearing, spinning, and knitting (plus four hours… » 10/08/13 5:15pm 10/08/13 5:15pm

My Knitted Boyfriend means you'll always have someone to cuddle with

Dutch designer and illustrator Noortje de Keijzer has designed a life-sized knitted body pillow in the shape of a man. » 4/22/13 7:20am 4/22/13 7:20am

Knitting Is A 'Good Thing For Girls,' In Case You Were Wondering

Today in gendered toys, we learn that juggling (or its later-in-life equivalent: hackey sack) is a male pursuit, while knitting (or its later-in-life equivalent: knitting scarves for Male Life Mate and the three beautiful Post-Uteran Flowers that you two have together, who—heteronormatively!—frolic in the backyard… » 12/01/12 1:30pm 12/01/12 1:30pm

And Here Is A Clock That Knits

Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen has made a clock that knits. In fact, knitting stitch by stitch is how the clock represents the passage of time. In a year the clock knits one two-meter-long scarf. Wilhelmsen calls the clock "365." » 11/05/12 6:45pm 11/05/12 6:45pm

Tiny Sweater-Wearing Penguins Are Finally Released Into The Wild

Good news coming from New Zealand this morning: the first batch of penguins who had been harmed by a recent oil spill have been released back into the wild. The cure to what ailed them? Your sweaters. » 12/09/11 11:45am 12/09/11 11:45am

The Worldwide Campaign To Knit Sweaters For Penguins

Skeinz, a yarn store in New Zealand, is calling on knitters throughout the world to knit sweaters for the penguins affected by a massive oil spill that occurred earlier this month. The tiny sweaters, while eliciting aww's and squee's, serve a very important function: they prevent the oil-soaked birds from poisoning… » 10/20/11 12:40pm 10/20/11 12:40pm

How To Make A Felted Soap

My mum had a cookbook called Half A Can Of Tomato Paste And Other Culinary Dilemmas that sat on our kitchen bookshelf when I was a little kid. (I remember her explaining to me what a dilemma was one night while she was microwaving me some Milo.) If someone were to concoct a book on crafts and pitch it at my particular… » 10/07/11 6:00pm 10/07/11 6:00pm

Exclusive: Let Debbie Stoller Teach You How To Knit

If you've always wanted to learn how to knit but haven't known where to begin, you're in luck! Author, DIY maven, and BUST co-founder Debbie Stoller just recorded her first-ever DIY knitting instructional video, and she decided to share it with us. Watch as Stoller shows how to hold the yarn, how to cast on, and how… » 8/17/11 3:45pm 8/17/11 3:45pm

Knitted Junk Food Looks Like Dessert, Has None Of The Calories

Craving a few tasty treats that won't deter you from your pre-summer diet? We don't suggest eating these pieces of art from Ed Bing Lee's Delectable Collection — but they sure are pretty to look at! » 5/16/11 7:00pm 5/16/11 7:00pm

How To Knit A Giant Sweater For A Bull

Last week, right before the blizzard, the artist known as Olek covered the huge statue of a bull on Wall Street in New York with a crocheted cozy. » 1/03/11 3:25pm 1/03/11 3:25pm

The Gift Guide For Crafters

Here's our how-to guide for shopping for how-to enthusiasts. Have your crafty friends make their own damn presents using supplies, kits, organizers, and books that make perfect presents for DIY-ers. » 12/21/10 4:00pm 12/21/10 4:00pm

Gap Wisely Scraps Crappy New Logo

Stuffed Animals For The Violent Sociopath In You

Artist Patricia Waller's crochet creations, like "baby-eating crocodile" and "Miss Piggy in a meat grinder," have a gory appeal, and as a bonus, "squirrel smashed with shovel" and "child biking accident" can also be used to traumatize naughty children. » 7/09/10 12:20pm 7/09/10 12:20pm

Knitting Vandals Launch Purl Attack

A group of night-stalking, needle-wielding vandals are decorating the trees of Cape May, NJ, with hand-knitted yarn sleeves. The cunning crafters, who call themselves the Salty Knitters, say they intend to persevere in the face of community countermeasures. [CBS] » 3/24/10 6:40pm 3/24/10 6:40pm

Dr. Laura: How To Knit While Self-Promoting

In this video, Dr. Laura claims she spent all night knitting a vest, and that "everyone says, ‘Ohhhh, you're such a big star, how can you have any time to be doing things?'" Funny, that wasn't our first response. [Sexist] » 12/15/09 7:30pm 12/15/09 7:30pm

Smittens: Adorable Or Obnoxious?

Boing Boing has a knitting pattern for "Smittens," mittens to hold hands in. While theoretically they'd make a cute Valentine's Day gift (they are heart shaped) would anyone actually wear them in public? [Boing Boing] » 2/06/09 12:45pm 2/06/09 12:45pm