Someone Tried To Give Rapper Danny Brown An Unwanted Blow Job On Stage

There is a lot of conflicting information circulating about a Danny Brown/Kitty Pryde concert that took place in Minneapolis last Friday. One thing seems to be clear: at some point while Brown was performing, a female audience member reached up from the front row, pulled down the Detroit rapper's pants, and began to… » 5/01/13 8:30pm 5/01/13 8:30pm

Five Things You Should Know About the Little White Girl Ruining Hip Hop

When we first saw Kitty Pryde, she was mumble-rapping about snorting pills, drunk dials and Bud Light Lime on "Okay Cupid." When we last saw Kitty Pryde, she was hanging out with Riff Raff in a motel room and we were feeling kind of worried about that. Now 19-year-old Kitty is back — she's dropped the "Pryde"— and… » 1/31/13 6:15pm 1/31/13 6:15pm

Oh, Good; There's a New Kitty Pryde Video, Says No One

Infant rapper Kitty Pryde is back with an all new mumblecore rap video for "Orion's Belt." Initially, I misread the title as "Onion Belt" and telling you that is honestly the nicest, most neutral thing I can think to say. » 6/19/12 3:55pm 6/19/12 3:55pm