Did You Know Giant Fearsome Cougars Make Adorable Baby Kitten Noises!?

I've spent my whole life living in a place where lots of cougars also live, so for my own safety I was raised to RESPECT THE COUGAR. Cougars are not "cute." Cougars are not giant kitties. Cougars are majestic, dangerous beasts that are probably sitting in a tree above you right now waiting to drop down and fasten… »7/11/14 6:15pm7/11/14 6:15pm


This Baby Chick Uses a Cat's Whiskers for a Pillow

In case you're having a hard time drifting off to sleep tonight, maybe take some inspiration from this baby chick? Just find something really, really, incredibly dangerous that has caused the deaths of many of your relatives—something like a pile of knives, or an industrial deep-fryer, or a war—and then just LAY YOUR… »10/28/13 11:20pm10/28/13 11:20pm

Asshole Cats Acknowledge Your Existence in Imperceptible Ways

Everyone knows that cats are fickle beasts. They love whoever feeds them, but even if you shower them with love and affection, they'll eat you when you die. As a certified member of Team Cat, one of the biggest reasons I love cats is because they don't give a shit. You can train a dog to do all sorts of humiliating… »6/27/13 12:25pm6/27/13 12:25pm