Kitten Pops Water Balloons, Gradually Comes to Despise Water

The obvious question one should ask after watching this video of a kitten popping two water balloons and then fleeing to someplace that isn't a wet nightmare is: has the insane serial water ballooner who filled this bucket with ammunition been apprehended yet? Because if the answer is "no," then a manhunt needs begin… » 11/10/13 1:00pm 11/10/13 1:00pm

DeAnne Smith’s ‘Nerdy Love Song’ Features a Mischievous Kitten

DeAnne Smith, one of those unreasonably talented people who can both play music AND make jokes, stuffed a bunch of nerdy pickup lines into a song and played it for everyone on YouTube. “Nerdy Love Song” is wonderful, and not just because it contains a masterful sans serif joke — it also features a troublemaking… » 7/13/13 4:00pm 7/13/13 4:00pm

Enterprising Cat Turns a Hamper into a Trampoline

The YouTube caption for this video insists that the cat is "helping" with the dirty laundry, though that hardly seems possible given the visual evidence at hand. This cat is clearly just fucking around with the dirty laundry, which doesn't seem helpful or considerate at all. This cat, ladies and gentlemen, is a dick. » 1/19/13 5:30pm 1/19/13 5:30pm

Boxer And Kitten Nuzzle Tentatively, Remind Everyone To Embrace Each…

As ever, Reddit giveth, and Reddit taketh away. Today, the seething mass of Internet humanity in all its shades presents us with a delightful video of Lennon the boxer's first-ever encounter with a kitten. Neither of them seem scared, like each one is encountering a friendly alien of a vastly different size, and now… » 1/05/13 12:00pm 1/05/13 12:00pm