Buying Guide: Gear for Better Coffee

Good coffee tastes amazing, can be a great comfort, and is fun and easy to make well with the right tools. Coffee is also good for you, having been shown to make you smarter, help you lose weight, keep you alive longer and kickstart your exercise routine. Today we’re going to knock down coffee’s barrier to entry by… » 4/16/15 3:15pm 4/16/15 3:15pm

New Reasons to Keep Women (and Everyone Else) Out of the Kitchen

For many, the kitchen has traditionally been a place of great comfort and warm fuzzy feelings, but a new study has found that the kitchen might actually be a dangerous and miserable place—not because of the temptation of that freshly baked cake, but because the oven you use to bake that cake might actually be filling… » 6/18/12 2:55pm 6/18/12 2:55pm

Nifty Cookware Lets You Eat Meals in the Shape of Your Favorite State

Feel like you're not showing enough love for your home (or adopted home) state when eating your breakfast? Got $200-$2,500 to burn? (Of course, you do. That's why this site is nicknamed "Millionaire-bel.") You could always hit up Alisa Toninato, an artist out of Madison, WI's FeLion Studios, who'll make you a custom… » 4/26/12 9:30am 4/26/12 9:30am

Your Trendy New Hat Is Waiting For You In The Kitchen

Ooh, a colander hat, how fancy! A tea kettle on your head — lovely! A funnel that looks like a cross between a dunce cap, Devo, and something a magical elf would wear — how, um, becoming! In all seriousness, I'm all for wacky fashion options, but something about this just reminds me of putting pots and pans on my… » 12/02/11 7:10pm 12/02/11 7:10pm