A Sex and Love Addict Is Here and Ready to Answer Your Questions

Ethlie Ann Vare has weathered cocaine addiction, jail, four marriages, too much sex with too many men — and a lot of unhappiness in between. Sex and love addiction, however, was the real problem all along. Now in recovery and having spent a decade studying the pathology of sex and love addiction, Ethlie is the author… »7/20/12 2:40pm7/20/12 2:40pm

Novelist and Media Guru Kurt Andersen Is Here to Take Your Questions

Today we're donning our media fancypants and bringing in noted author, radio host, Vanity Fair contributor, Spy co-founder, and all-around media expert Kurt Andersen. He has a good reason for coming to Jezebel: The narrator of his new novel, True Believers, is a woman. That's over 400 pages of Kurt Andersen writing as… »7/10/12 3:40pm7/10/12 3:40pm