Dress As Slutty As You Want This Halloween, Just Don't Act Like A Dick

Much has been made of Halloween's gradual transformation from a holiday that exists as a way to commemorate our ancient superstitions about ghosts into a holiday that exists as a way to get hepatitis from a sexy nurse costume that came in a clear plastic bag and cost $65. But quibbling over whether it's okay to go… »10/29/13 5:30pm10/29/13 5:30pm

Considering Kindness in the Wake of the Boston Marathon Explosions

Details are still hazy in regards to yesterday's horrifying explosions during the Boston Marathon and while facts remain unclear, it's easy to let your anger and your imagination get away from you. Twitter, Facebook feeds and real life dinner tables are alive with discussions of who's to blame for what and, for the… »4/16/13 10:50am4/16/13 10:50am

Man Hacked in the Face Defending an Orphanage Justifiably Rewarded

A few days ago, a Kenyan man named Omari was released from the hospital after recovering from injuries sustained while defending an orphanage from a band of roving thugs— by himself. They slashed him in the face with a machete, leaving him with a large wound that required stitches. After the incident, a founder of the… »1/27/12 3:00pm1/27/12 3:00pm