The Woman Who Played Veruca Salt Wrote a Book About Playing Veruca Salt, and It Sounds Pretty Great

This week in Mark Frauenfelder Finds the Best Shit, he's tracked down a memoir written by Julie Dawn Cole, the actress who played the Girl Who Had it All But Never Even Knew It, Veruca Salt, in the good original Willy Wonka. »1/10/13 3:05pm1/10/13 3:05pm

, and it has great reviews on Amazon. Best of all, if you have a Kindle (or a way to read…

Imagine, if You Will, a World Where You Can Play Tiny Tower During Takeoff

Frequent air travelers, rejoice! That painful period during take-off and landing when you're not allowed to use your electronic devices might soon be a lot more bearable. The Federal Aviation Administration said yesterday that it will work with airlines and other involved parties to find a way to determine whether… »3/20/12 10:20am3/20/12 10:20am