Homeless Woman Sent to Jail for Sending Son to Wrong School District

A homeless 33-year-old Connecticut woman has pleaded guilty to felony larceny and will likely serve jail time in addition to being forced to pay restitution to the state. What, exactly, did she steal? By lying about her address in order to enroll her son in a better school district, prosecutors are alleging that she… » 2/29/12 9:05pm 2/29/12 9:05pm

Kindergarten Career Day Dares Us To Hope For The Future

People change. Dreams change. By my highly scientific and official count, you change your mind about three hundred and thirty-three point six gazillion times between kindergarten and age 30. But let's pretend this chart, created by a young inner-city schoolteacher, is a wonderful sign of things to come: Only one… » 5/13/11 6:03pm 5/13/11 6:03pm