The Brand New Marie Claire Claims To Have Some Insight Into Cover Star…

A practically makeup-less Kim Kardashian (whose appearance, as always, serves as a reminder to us all that she's actually really pretty underneath all that slap) is on the new cover of Marie Claire. The cover promises, "KIM KARDASHIAN REVEALS WHAT WENT ON IN HER CRAZY MARRIAGE," which, enviable restraint in not going… » 11/11/11 1:55pm 11/11/11 1:55pm

101 Things Not Affected By Kim Kardashian's Divorce

Did you hear? Kim Kardashian and Paul Bunyan are getting a divorce. Everyone's making lists of things that lasted longer than their marriage (like this sentence! LOL!) and how the whole thing smells a lot like a scam sandwich. Now, some are even claiming that the three Kardashians' magical Armenian vaginas actually… » 11/03/11 1:20pm 11/03/11 1:20pm

After 72 Days Of Marriage, Kim Kardashian To Finally File For Divorce

America's most profitable newlyweds, sex-tape-maker-cum-reality-star Kim Kardashian and her blushing groom, New Jersey Nets giant Kris Humphries, are reportedly done. Finished. Over. Dunzo. Love is dead; god may be as well. According to TMZ, Kim is filing for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences," and the… » 10/31/11 12:06pm 10/31/11 12:06pm