Real Person Featured In Lucky Confesses To Not Being All That Real

One of the reasons I never read Lucky is that the "real people" they choose to showcase their "foolproof outfits" never somehow cease to seem actually more unrealistically gorgeous/thin/put together than the average runway model; they're just, like, photographed less imaginatively. Witness January's Courtney Childs… »12/07/07 4:00pm12/07/07 4:00pm

'Lucky' Magazine's Subtle, Feminine, Chic, Annoyingly One-Track Mind

One million words in the English language, and not a single damn synonym for "luxe." Such is the eternal dilemma faced by the put-upon editors of Lucky magazine, who month after month seem to find themselves with an array of minidresses, cigarette pants and flirty little clutches too bountiful to properly describe… »8/07/07 3:30pm8/07/07 3:30pm

'Lucky' Editor Kim France's Asian Influences, Hatred Of Authority

Lucky editor Kim France has always been something of an enigma to us. A Dinsosaur Jr.-worshipping Sassy editress in our youth, she later masterminded the first magazine to eliminate basically all text in favor of pictures of shit you should buy. She's spent many of the ensuing years making "No no no, no contradiction… »8/03/07 11:01am8/03/07 11:01am

'Lucky' Magazine Readers Have A Very Good Year. The Rest Of Us? Not So Much!

In the space of a single year, the average reader of Lucky has seen her (or, haha, his!) household income rocket from $68,200 to $84,400, according to some highly credible research out today (and about which the publisher of Harper's Bazaar said something truly inspiring about a "shattering" of the "glass ceiling.")… »5/29/07 11:50am5/29/07 11:50am